Timofey is an outstanding and peculiar creative person. His appearance on the musical Olympus was connected with a few interesting events. He has begun to write music as early as 2000. Vitality, show, classiness marks his compositions. Music always has the special place in Timofey`s life, music is his air to breath, his creation. As any ambitious creative person he always has been wishing to present his brainchild to the world. But as so frequently happens in such cases, publicity and demand for him come just after years of persistent and hard work. Every day opening his eyes he felt unquenchable desire to write the music.

In 2010 he made the serious step toward fulfilment of a vision – his common hit with Terry B. «Heaven» take the good places in chats of many countries in the world. He worked with such outstanding persons as Kylian Mash, Coolio ,Akon, Joachim Garraud, Dave Lambert, Roger Sanchez, Tiesto, Elektrokid, Dimitry Vegas, Emanuel Kosh, Bartosz Brenes and many more. His hits and remixes are produced by such first-rate worldwide labels as Unversal, Warner, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Spinnin, Defected. As people say: «What does not kill you makes you stronger!» And this is all about Timofey!